One of the most common forms of accommodation for any traveller is Hotels. There are many of them found in all parts of the world, and they are not all the same. The information on this site is designed to broaden the thinking of the traveller who uses Hotels as their main form of away from home accommodation.

Staying at a Hotel certainly can be a great experience. It can be turned into a wonderful adventure when it has some great entertainment attached to it. One of the most types are those Hotels who are affiliated with a Casino. There are Casinos all over the world that also offer Hotel accommodations, which makes this really convenient for the casino gaming enthusiast.

One of the many hot spots of the world to visit is Las Vegas. A site that has anything to do with Hotels would be remiss not to mention what some of the greatest Hotels are to stay at in this region. There are some that have been mentioned here but by no means is it all of them.

Another post to be found here that is really quite interesting is the one that deals with unique Hotels around the world. Some of these are nothing less than amazing. They would be worth looking into further for those that insist on a premium Hotel experience.

This site has not forgotten about the families that insist on travelling with their pets either. There is a informational post here that touches upon this and gives some insight as to which of the popular Hotel chains welcome pets.