Unique Hotels In the World

Staying in a Hotel when away from home is the usual form of accommodation that is chosen by many travellers. There are some who want to make this experience extra special. In order to do that they will seek out Hotels that are known to be unique or unusual. Here are a few that fit into that category.


Not only is this what could be called a Hotel unique in what it has to offer, it is most unique to look at. It is comprised of a collection of Silos and is located on the Peninsula Banks of New Zealand. These units are nestled away in the trees and for those that want to be close to nature then it doesn’t get much better than this. If it is rest and relaxation and not much of anything else that you are after, then this would be an ideal choice.

Palacio de Sal Bolivia

Perhaps you are ready to check out Bolivia and want something unusual to do. If so then you will want to book your stay here. It is built on the Salt Flats, but what makes it even more intriguing is that not only is the building itself constructed mostly of salt so is a lot of the furniture. Having said that it is most impressive in both its looks and offerings. These include a choice from 16 rooms and fine cuisine that is comprised of salt chicken.

Magic Mountain Chile

Just the name itself Magic Mountain creates a sense of intrigue. This Hotel is nestled in the Valdivian Forest where you can check out the lakes that as of yet have not been explored or relax in the natural hot springs. If you decide to stay in the main lodge you will be absolutely mesmerized with the cascading waterfall that starts from the top of the roof.

Ice Hotel Sweden

This Ice Hotel is one that more people are familiar with because it has garnered a lot of recognition. Each year the Hotel has to be made during the ice season.

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